24 October 2008

Check Her Out!

I know, I know, nothing new on the creative front in a while. I have been creating a bit in my spare time, but I also have been catching up on a lot of reading and TV. Now that the new season has started, I'm addicted to the box. Unfortunately, I have been falling asleep most nights around 10:30 on the couch, only to wake up during the late night shows. I think that's a really interesting time for TV; you can see just about anybody doing about anything at that time of night. I made a really interesting discovery watching Letterman the other night, the author and humorist Sarah Vowell. I had never heard of her before, although I must have heard her, since she is a frequent contributor to my favorite NPR radio show This American Life and also played the part of daughter Violet in The Incredibles. If you like David Sedaris' brand of humor, I think you'll like Sarah as well.

Sarah on Letterman

Short Interview in New York Magazine

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