14 June 2008

A Solitary Weekend

Imagine this. Your DH takes the two girls camping. For the whole weekend. Without you. Well, that's the boat I find myself in this weekend. They all left last night for an end-of-the-school year campout with the Adventure Princess group they belong to. What to do? What to do? Usually, I clear off the dining room table and spread out all my scrapping supplies and get to work. I think it might be too muggy today for that. 86+ and we haven't unearthed the air conditioner yet. Perhaps I'll head over to the lone surviving LSS in our area... I could clean up the living room and dining room without the fear of a return to chaos by nightfall... I could watch some movies that don't involve talking computer-generated animals or singing, dancing high-schoolers. Oh, the possibilities!

This is an art journal that I created for the afore-mentioned 28 Days class at Big Picture. I made it all by myself! The book is covered with papers, rub-ons, and diecuts from My Mind's Eye (Tres Jolie and Magnolia collections). The covers and pages are part of the stash that came with my Bind It All machine, which I used to wire-bind the whole shebang. I'll share some of the pages inside once the gang comes home from Lake George with my camera!

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Kelly A. Swienton said...

That's a totally AWESOME journal Alison! You are SO talented! Hope you had fun!